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Market News

Here you can find everything you need to know about what’s trending in the financial markets as these events can potentially affect your trades. Stay on top of it all with us!

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Here you can find all complex trading jargon from A to Z. This can help new traders with comprehending unfamiliar trading terms. Refer to this for easy learning.

Important Trading Terms To Know

At Fannexx, we know how education is essential for any trader to succeed. This is why we provide clients with educational tools to learn the fundamentals of trading in the financial markets and expand the knowledge they already have when it comes to trading and investing.


A financial tool that allows an investor to magnify their market exposure beyond their initial capital.


The measurement used to describe the fluctuation of the price of a financial instrument over a specific amount of time.

Stop Loss Order

An order given by a broker to limit an investor’s loss by making them sell when a security reaches a certain price.


The size of deposit needed to ensure the running positions in the market are kept active.