Indices Trading Explained

Each share in the index contributes to the overall index performance. However, it doesn’t often happen that all shares within an index move in one direction.
Indices are simply a mathematical number that is great for market analysis, but you can’t invest in them directly. Instead, you can either buy their constituting shares, mirroring the composition of the index, invest through an index fund or an ETF (exchange-traded funds). Fannexx offers you a chance to trade index CFDs, which are a money-efficient way to trade indices.

How To Trade

In order to start trading, all you have to do is to create an account at Fannexx, deposit funds, sign in to the application – and go for it.

After that, choose an index that you believe will appreciate and purchase a CFD. If the price of the index goes up, you will earn money for every point the index moves.

Go Short or Long

You don’t need to wait until the market rises. There are no restrictions as to going short and selling your assets, thus making a profit from declining markets.

Flexible Terms

No matter your ultimate trading goal, trading in indices are great both for long-term investment and short-term speculation.

Reliable Support

Highly qualified Fannexx’ support team is here to answer your questions 24/5. Moreover, we are available in 10 languages.

Diverse Sectors

Trade indices from various market sectors, countries, and regions of the world to achieve easy diversification of your portfolio.

Indices Specifications