Refund Policy

Customers may withdraw remaining funds from their trading account at any time. When a customer submits redemption Fannexx shall endeavor to process the redemption request within one to two business days. In order to expedite the process Customers are advised to ensure that the redemption form contains the correct details and has been completed in its entirety.

Fannexx must be satisfied that the sender is the Client before making any amount available to the Client’s Trading Account, otherwise the Company reserves the right to refund/ send back the net amount received to the remitter by the same method as received after the client undergoes full KYC procedure as per our KYC and AML policies.

Fannexx does not accept any refunds to a person or entity other than the person or entity whose name appears on the Account unless Fannexx’s compliance department has specifically approved the payment.

Mistakes made by the Company during the transfer of funds shall be refunded to the Client. It is understood that should the Client provide wrong instructions for a transfer, the Company may be unable to correct the mistake and the Client may have to suffer the loss.

Fannexx is not responsible for any fees charged by intermediaries and other payment services providers including but not limited to foreign exchange rate fees, withdrawal fees, and any other administrative fees. For further information on charges and fees please contact the customer service at or +61 391 157 352.




Customers may cancel their account application at any time. Fannexx may request a reason for the client’s cancellation decision in an effort to improve the services given to customers. Fannexx may not cancel any accounts which have an account balance or open positions. Customers are required to redeem the funds and close current open positions before the account is canceled. For further information on order cancellation, customers are urged to read the Fannexx customer agreement.