Stocks Trading Explained

There are two main types of shares: common and preferred.


Common shares entitle you to a part in company’s profits – the dividends and often carry one vote per share. However, the payout of dividends depends on the capital growth of the company. Some companies choose not to pay dividends to common shareholders at all.


Preferred shares, on the other hand, receive a fixed dividend and in the event of bankruptcy are paid off before common shares.
The prices of shares are set through an auction where buyers and sellers place the bids and offers to buy and sell.

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Highly qualified Fannexx’ support team is here to answer your questions 24/5. Moreover, we are available in 10 languages.

Regular Dividends

When you buy shares, you become licensed to receiving dividends. The more shares you own, the larger the amount of profit you get.

No Hidden Fee

Fannexx is free of additional charges. The broker’s profit is determined by a spread – usually ranging from 0% to 0.0012% of the transacted volume.


All the profits you made on changes in the stock value are tax-free if they are held onto for more than 6 months.

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